The Department of Physiotherapy of the TEI of Western Greece, being part of the Branch Department of Aigion, which is situated in the city of Aigion has been established since 2003 (Greek law published in FEK 222/17-09-2003). It is one out of four Higher Educational Institutes (the others being T.E.I. of Athens, Thessaloniki & Lamia) offering Physiotherapy degrees within Greece.


The study content of the Department covers the modules of the science of Physiotherapy, with a view to the prevention, improvement and rehabilitation of any kind of pathological condition as well as of traumatic injuries that cause disorders in the muscular, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


T.E.I.s (Technological Educational Institutes) are recognised public institutes offering higher education within Greece.


Entry Requirements

The normal entry requirements for the Physiotherapy course comprise of the following:

  1. 12 years of education: 6 in primary school, 3 in high school (lower secondary) and 3 in lyceum (upper secondary).
  2. Evaluation through Pan-Hellenic written exams in the end of the 2nd and 3rd grade of lyceum, which determines admission to one of the four Tertiary Education Physiotherapy Schools, according to the individual score and order of School preference. The final number of students is defined from the Ministry of Education.

Καταγραφή πληροφοριών & χαρακτηριστικών σχετικών με τα προβλήματα της οσφύος


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